What Christian Woman Want In A Christian Man

Dated: 06/30/2014

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What Women Want in a Christian Man

Probably every man has asked this question once or twice in his life, particularly in periods of frustration with his dating life. As you seek God's will for a long-term relationship, and perhaps eventually a wife, what are the qualities that will make you attractive to women? Whether you are dating in person, or dating through an online dating service, you will still be faced with the question: What do women really want?As a Christian woman, I can tell you some things we want in a man. We want a man who has his priorities straight. Some men are totally into themselves. These are the guys who get up, go running, go to work for ten or more hours, come home, eat dinner, watch television, and go to bed. There is only room in their lives for them and their schedule, and you seldom hear of them doing something for others. Women don't want this. We want a man who is actively serving God in his church--the kind of man who can limit his work and "self" time to do good deeds for others. We want a man whose priorities are God, family, work, and then self.Women also desire a man who will listen to us and respond in love. Guys, it is so rude to pretend to be listening to the females in your life while you are really reading the newspaper or watching the football game. When your woman talks, she wants to know she is the most important thing to you at that time. Trust me; women know when you are really listening to them and when you are pretending. Also, if we are having a rough day, react in sympathy, even if you aren't as emotional as we are. We often just want to know that someone cares. Give your girl a hug, and tell her how special she is to you--be an encourager and a good listener.Christian women do not want a guy who "commands" them around, saying they are to be "submissive". Please, do not take the Bible out of context. Remember, when you are married someday, the first command for you is to "love your wife" as Christ loved the church. If you love her this much (and that's an awful lot), she will want to submit to you. But submission is not being a doormat or being bossed around. If that's what you think, then you will probably be looking for a long time for the "right" woman.There are so many other things that I cannot even hope to mention them all. Treat women right, like ladies. Open the door for us. Get us flowers. Be clean and well-groomed (and donate that nice sweater that looked so good on you in 1986). If you are dating a woman online, be the one to drive to see her. The man ought to be the one doing more of the pursuing, so follow your heart.These are just a few things that most women want in a Christian man. Men, if you follow these principles, your dates will be more frequent and you may even find yourself walking down the wedding aisle sooner than you ever thought possible!

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