Man Vs Nature In Lancaster County PA

Dated: 07/30/2014

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I  walk my dog along a "wild" patch next to the  Am Track line that runs through Lancaster County.  The area lies forgotten most of the time and is  allowed to do it's natural thing,  but every now and then a crew hired by Am Track comes though and chops down all the trees that have sprouted up.  They are trying to prevent trees from falling on the rail road tracks which is a good thing.  
Since the area would have eventually become a woods(Penn's Woods) if left to it's own devices  it is interesting to watch it try over and over again to achieve it's goal.   But alas it can't because of man's intrventiton.   Since it's can't ever become a woodland it is constantly stuck in that "ground hog day"  phase of always remaining in a meadow phase of succession.  
I do love trees but meadow flowers are wonderful too.  In the  spring there are a lot of Dames's Rockets,  then in early summer the honeysuckle blooms(I know it isn't native but it sure smells good).  And every now and then something new shows up.  I was surprised by a Wound Wort.  It was new to me so of course I had to look it up.  It was the original band aid plant.  It was used for centuries to bandage open wounds and it was supposed to ease the pain too.  So now the next time I need a bandage I will just have to pick a leaf and tape it on!!!  

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