Making A Small Yard Seem Larger To Perspective Buyers

Dated: 08/28/2014

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You're eyes follow lines subconsciously and lines can create distance perspectives-remember those pictures of rail road tracks disappearing into the distance?  Lines that disappear in one point perspective like the rail road tracks they always show you in art classes, can add depth to a property.  So if you don't want to add a rail road to your back yard, you can substitute a walk or the edges of a flower bed to create that one point perspective and add depth to your yard.

 If you want to add width you need to create a horizontal line that ends in a two point perspective.   A line of shrubs or a fence stretching width wise in your yard will give you that two point perspective, and add width.
Adding vertical lines will pull the eye upward and add height to your space.  Planting trees are a good way to add vertical height to your yard-unless of course you plant a weeping tree then you eyes will be pulled back to the ground.  Borrowing sceenery is another trick to expand your space.  Providing openings to a nice view in your neighbors yard is a good way to add to your space!
And suprisingly enought by dividing your yard into "rooms"  will actually make the space seem larger than  if it was all just left as one big open space.  The French actually created a phrase for this art technique that creates optical illusions that fool the eye into believing that something is bigger than it actually is
-Troupe l'oeil
For more advice on how to make your yard or your house seem larger so you can expand your bottom line when you sell your house give me a call!
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Highland Realty Group LLC
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