How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Dated: 03/02/2017

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Want a clean home?

Here's some tips that will ensure you always have a neat, tidy place to call home.


As the flowers begin to bloom, we must not let our house be stuck with the winter blues. Spring cleaning is all about freshening up our homes to get a head start on the always hectic finish to the year.

So get the kitchen gloves ready and follow these steps below: 

1. Cull and declutter

Physical clutter can have an affect on your mental clutter – and what better time than spring to simplify your life at home in order to free up your mind in the process. Avoid the mistake of trying to attempt your entire house at the same time, says Bettina Deda, Creative Mentor of Houzz, as this only leads to being overwhelmed and frustrated. “Choose the step-by-step approach instead. Start with one drawer, one storage unit or one room at a time. And work your way through your home step-by-step. Only start working in a new room once you have finished the one you are working in.”

To help, here are some things to avoid in the process.

2. Attend to your closet

With the seasons changing, now is as good a time as any to do a closet purge. “It’s a daunting task, but necessary for any spring refresh,” says Tiffany Buckins, Country Interior Design Manager of IKEA. “Now that the warm weather is here it’s time to clear out your closet and pack away those winter woollies. Categorise your clothes into donation, throw away, pack away and not sure if I’m ready to part with yet. Having an organised wardrobe also makes getting ready in the morning that much easier.”

Here are some other tips on how to lose some wardrobe weight.

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3. Clean like you mean it

This is the time to give your home sweet home a really deep clean. Just like the decluttering process, this is best done by attending to one room at a time. Do a quick research on how to properly clean each room and prepare to get your hands dirty. The reward will be worth it, just imagine how lovely it’s going to be to have every nook, cranny, cupboard, line of grout and skirting board clean.

To keep the clean momentum going, try adopting these everyday homely habits

4. Get smart with storage

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your home and have said your goodbyes to all the things you no longer need, now is the time to think smart about storage. Natasha Saroca, Home Professional of Houzz says: “There are plenty of space-savvy storage solutions that are possible without creating an eyesore in the process. Use the wall for stylish shelves and chunky hooks, choose furniture that serve multiple purposes, and prepare to use every nook and cranny by always thinking under and over.”

Here are some clever storage solutions to steal.

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5. Invest in something new

Spring cleaning is hard work, now you deserve to splurge a little. Lilly Bunn, Interior Designer of Lilly Bunn Interiors says: “Invest in something you love. If you only follow one rule; before you make a purchase, ask yourself if the item really resonates with your sense of style. If the answer is yes, you’ll always have a place for it in your home, regardless of trends.” Perhaps it’s time to buy that couch you’ve had a crush on for a while? Why not, you and your house deserve it.

Speaking of couches, here’s how to choose the right one.

6. Update your bedding

Another new purchase for spring which can go a long way is treating your bed with some new bedding. Freshening up a bedroom for spring is all about bringing life back into it, says Michelle Duncan, Creative Director for Linen House. “Spring doesn’t officially start until you start sleeping in linen. Pure linen is back in a big way, the raw natural material and texture of linen is light and decadent. We’re loving the natural colours in linen this season. Hues of blue and earthy undertones.”

Whilst you’re at it, here are some other decorating tips for the bedroom.

Photo: Linen House

7. Finish projects and repairs

Cleaning and new purchases aside, this is also a great time to attend to all those unfinished projects and repairs that you’ve been neglecting. Be sure to run a critical eye over every nook and cranny to make sure it’s looking its absolute best, says Cherie Barber, Founder of Renovating for Profit. “Would a decorative urn or seating improve the front entry? How about a new letterbox or street numbers? Maybe the concrete paths or driveways could benefit from a coat of paving paint in a complementary colour to your house? These are all small details that can add up to a radical improvement come spring.”  

Here are some other ways to freshen up your home for less than $100.

8. Play around with paint

Spring is also an opportunity to begin a new and refreshed look to your home, says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour Expert of Dulux. “We want our space to feel more energised as we head towards the warmer weather. The most effective way to liven up your space is by creating a colourful retreat. Have some fun by using colour this spring! Pinks are such an easy colour to live with and create a beautiful warm and elegant ambience. You can scheme pinks with soft greys, whites or neutrals, or as a contrast against stronger colours, such as, teal, red and charcoal.”

Before you start, here are some things to consider.

Photo: Dulux

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